Graham Road Surgery is committed to their younger patients. We provide a safe, confidential environment for all of our younger patients registered with us, to discuss health issues.

Below is an idea of the sort of things we can help with:   

Actually, ANY issue that affects YOU!

If you would prefer to bring along a friend, carer or family member into the consultation with you, then please do, if you feel it would help you.

We have male and female Doctors and female Nurses. Our Young People’s Champion is our Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Jen Ryan. If it matters to you that you see someone of a specific gender, please tell us when you call or pop in. We can arrange for them to call you on your mobile phone if you would prefer not to come in.

When you speak to someone, you can talk to them openly and honestly about your concerns. They will not tell anyone else what you have talked about to them, unless they are worried about your safety or the safety of someone you have told them about. They will always try to talk to you first before they asked someone for help, though.

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Improved Access

We are working together with other local practices to offer patients access to more appointments in the early mornings, evenings and at weekends. To find out more about these services, please contact the practice.